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SAN ANTONIO – The landmark opioid ruling in Oklahoma is expected to have a ripple effect on the nearly 2,000 similar lawsuits across the country, including one right here in Bexar County.

Johnson & Johnson is expected to appeal after an Oklahoma judge ordered the company to pay $572 million for its role in the state’s opioid crisis.

Bexar County is suing 50 pharmaceutical companies, claiming at least a billion dollars in damages. The trial is expected to get underway next fall.

The local law firm representing the county has been paying close attention to the Oklahoma case.

“The case in Oklahoma was positive for Bexar County because there was a legal finding that the pharmaceutical companies acted with deceptive practices, and there’s a direct link between those practices and the costs,” says T. J. Mayes from Phipps Deacon Purnell PLLC.

One difference to note: the trial in Oklahoma was decided by a judge, while a jury will hear the case in Bexar County.

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