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Bexar County sues several opioid manufacturers for allegedly contributing to opioid epidemic- KSAT

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San Antonio leaders say Bexar County hit hard by opioid epidemic

SAN ANTONIO – Judge Nelson Wolff announced Wednesday that Bexar County is suing numerous opioid manufacturers, promoters and distributors in connection with the opioid epidemic.

These companies are being accused of causing and contributing to the opioid epidemic in Bexar County, according to the suit.

Wolff’s chief of staff said the lawsuit was filed in district court last week and names dozens of defendants. Some of them appear to be different branches of the same companies.

Bexar County leads Texas for the number of babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, a condition that occurs in newborns who are exposed to opiate drugs in the womb, according to a press release.

Any money the county receives from the suit will go toward the treatment of those affected by the opioid crisis.

“It’s a big burden on taxpayers now with this issue, destroyed many lives, affected many families regardless of economic income. So we believe that we’re on the right track and we hope that we’re successful in the lawsuit,” Wolff said.

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This suit comes on the heels of lawsuits filed by several states, including Texas, against Purdue Pharma.

The county doesn’t expect to go to trial for two years, but a joint opioid task force has been working on solutions.

The task force, which fights against the over prescription of opioid medications and distributes anti-overdose drug naloxone, will make a final report of its findings this fall.

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