Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury

When facing any life-altering catastrophic injury, having an experienced and dedicated legal team in your corner can make all the difference. At Phipps Deacon Purnell, you can count on…


Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Epidemic

Our team of attorneys stand ready to aggressively pursue justice for those seeking justice against the pharmaceutical companies and prescribing doctors whose negligent actions gave opportunity for this pandemic to become a national crisis.


Commercial Enterprise

Commercial Enterprise

At Phipps Deacon Purnell Law, we stand behind our resources and are ready to take on even the biggest opposition. Let our experienced enterprise trial lawyers review your case today.


Why Us?




Phipps Deacon Purnell PLLC is a different kind of law firm – rooted in the values of honesty, integrity and character. Our team of nationally recognized attorneys are among the best in the country, specializing in the areas of catastrophic injury litigation, insurance disputes, wrongful death and personal injuries, and other complex litigation. When you have a legal matter, turn to the Phipps Deacon Purnell team for representation you can believe in, from a team you can trust.

Our attorneys have over 100 combined years of experience fighting catastrophic injury litigation across the country. We are standing up to the national opioid epidemic and the businesses in the industry that have caused this national crisis, costing millions of dollars and lives.

Over 100 strong and fighting for you.


Who Are We?

We are all in – Ready to Defend Our Clients.

For all of your complex litigation needs including; catastrophic injury litigation, complex enterprise litigation, and non-compete issues, the lawyers at Phipps Deacon Purnell have done it all.  While our team will always strive to efficiently resolve these situations without the need for a lawsuit, we are always prepared to take the fight to the other side and win any lawsuit in which we are involved.

If your company finds itself against the wall, with legal action pending or already underway, let the Phipps Deacon Purnell team step in and fight for you. We realize when the stakes are high and we’re cool under pressure. Make the best decision for your organization and start a discussion with Martin, Barry, Simon, and the team. When the stakes are highest, you need the Phipps team in your corner

  • When serious legal council is required, our team is ready
  • When the stakes are the highest, you need the Phipps Deacon Purnell team in your corner.
  • When nobody else understands the magnitude…We do.

So how should you choose a lawyer when the stakes are high? Give any lawyer the Phipps Deacon Purnell lawyer test – just ask if they have ever worked in your same line of business? And, have they ever had their backs against the wall, with everything on the line? Because chances are, we have experience in your business, and we know how to perform when it’s crunch time.

When you have a big business, insurance or catastrophic dispute on your hands, you need the Phipps Deacon Purnell legal team.

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“It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Mark Twain

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